What a load of waste!

Rubbish clearance is a costly business. We often get asked if its recommended to have a skip or a use a local 'wait and load' service. They both have their benefits. 

Skips work out cheaper in terms of the amount of volume removed per sqm cost, however there are set up costs and often difficulties with obtaining permissions from the Council and associated costs of suspending parking bays. These associated and set-up costs often outweigh the saving gains made in respect of additional volume they can handle (compared to a 'wait and load' service)

Wait & Load services are often more flexible and can come within a few hours of making a telephone call. This can help is some situations. Admittedly they usually cannot take the same volume of waste as a skip however there are larger volume vehicles that can attend. The benefits are that there is no requirement to organise any license from the Council for permission and waste can be categorised and taken in various types, i.e. hardcore only, timber only or mixed waste. Each type has a different cost and as such overall savings can be achieved. 

On larger projects where there is private space and access, we tend to use skips as they carry more load and allow us to mix the waste so its easy. On smaller projects or where space is key and parking or road restrictions in place, we tend to use a 'wait and load' service or cart the waste ourselves. 

If you want to discuss how it would be best to cart your waste away please feel free to contact us.