Waterproofing Bathrooms and Showers

People often believe that a tile covering in the Bathroom or Shower is waterproof and then are surprised when they find out there are leaks. We often have enquiries asking us how we overcome this problem and waterproof our wet-zones. Its a simple answer - use a waterproof mat or membrane.

Simply put tile coverings are not waterproof. Moisture can seep through the joints and damage the building structure. This can be effectively prevented with bonded waterproofing assemblies. Schlüter®-DITRA and Schlüter®-KERDI are complete systems of matching components for waterproofing. There are also other products on the market such as Mapai or Aquaseal which we often use independent or in conjunction with Schlüter®

First of all you require a solid base for the base and walls. This is why we nearly always recommend replacing any sub floor with a new WBP Plywood sub deck. We use Moisture Resistant Plasterboard for the walls and ceilings (or mesh with a cement:adhesive mix). Your then ready to go with a new level and straight box to tile. Yes its more expensive in the short term, however it's the proper job and avoids leaks and costly emergency repairs and insurance claims in the future. 

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Ditra MAT

Ditra MAT