Schedule of Works

No matter how large or small your project, we now provide basic or detailed 'Schedules of Work' for you to obtain comparable costs from other Contractors for your proposed project. Yes we understand it seems strange for us to offer this service, however we appreciate that clients now want to compare costs from various firms and obtain the best price/offer. This is only achievable with a Schedule of Work, be it simple or detailed. When Contractors price only off Architect drawings, there will be variations between submitted prices and its very difficult to make safe comparisons between the submissions. A Schedule of Work will ensure you obtain a competitive price and a priced document that will be completed similarly by all tendering firms. This is an essential document in ensuring you enter into an agreement with a Contractor knowing exactly what is to be undertaken and to what standard. We would sit down with you and take your requirements, advise on various materials to use and cost saving construction methods and prepare this unbranded document with a fast turn-around (unlike most architectural and surveying firms) - prices start from as little as £750 plus VAT and through experience we know that you will recoup this money by the time you instruct your chosen Contractor through savings in the submitted prices. Contact us for a quote.


Architectural Drawings

Our Architect can attend and take your requirements and prepare existing and proposed plans and sections and any elevations for your project. Chris has a sensible and cost aware approach and clients have been very positive about the end results. Our prices are competitive and the drawings issued will remain the ownership of yourselves for future use. 


Structural Engineer Details 

We can arrange for our third party Structural Engineer to attend and provide outline and detailed plans, design and calculations for your proposals, be it a simple wall removal, side & roof extension or larger development - prices start from as little as £800 plus VAT.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the professional side of your proposal and to seek further advice.