Bring Alive your Walls with a Vertical Garden

Do you have garden walls that need a revamp? well rather than repointing or painting, a vertical garden could be the answer. Also known as green or living walls they are a modern way to add some colour and body to both urban outdoor and internal areas. Originally there was only one option and that was a living wall which essentially was a special mesh that was fixed to the wall and then individual potted plants slotted into the mesh pockets to form a wall of vegetation. This was then watered by an automatic irrigation system or manually. There are now several other methods of fixing and planting and the most exciting form for inner city gardens and urban areas is that using artificial plants.

Artificial plants have really come leaps and bounds in terms of design and finish over the past few years and now can be hard to differentiate between artificial and real. The main benefit is that they do not require watering or feeding so maintenance is nil. Secondary to that is that the 'living' (artificial) wall does not require any special waterproofing membrane to the wall to prevent water ingress. 

We like the living and artificial garden walls and believe that these are becoming more and more popular (especially the artificial ones). 

No matter how big or small, if you would like to create a green wall, please get in touch.

An example of a living wall

An example of a living wall